Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Our first serious day @ coderz_voip!!!

A pic from my "spy-cam" is worth a zillion... words!

Designing classes...

The lovely hosts & us...

Chimpz @ the actual brainstorming...

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A beauty saves the day!

Free software is everyones lifeline!

Objective - To get my 6600 flashed & reloaded with latest firmware
Problem - My Phone book would have been lost!
Solution - Found this beautiful software... "Contact Transfer" Link... that does this job of exporting/importing/compressing contact list beautifully!

Highly recommended *****


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Forward files/mp3 recieved via bluetooth to others AND copy them to other locations in your MMC -- Nokia 6600

Hi all,
... a revolution is waiting for you, read on...

We all know that those files recieved via bluetooth in Nokia6600 (series 60) phones can :-

1. neither be forwarded via bluetooth
2. nor can be saved to other locations in the MMC.

The solutions which seemed very tricky in the begening, came out to be a "low dud", all you need is some right tools (all freeware) & some POM (Presence Of Mind)

1. FExplorer -- -- (freeware)
2. Forwarder -- -- (freeware)
3. Bluetooth connection or any other means to transfer these onto your mobile.

1. Install FExplorer & Forwarder
2. Recieve something via bluetooth so that it goes to your inbox
3. Check that you are not able to transfer it further as you dont get any option to send it via bluetooth or move it to a suitable gallery/folder in ur MMC


4. Run Forwarder and forward sis/mp3 files to another bluetooth device! (Problem (1) solved)
5. Click options > file properties
6. Try remembering the path it shows!
7. Close Forwarder & open FExplorer
8. Goto the path specified in step (6)
9. Cut & copy the mp3/sis file to any folder you like (even your gallery) (Problem (2) solved)
10. You can even send these files via Bluetooth as FExplorer supports bluetooth!

The inbuilt gallery manager (The Gallery in simple terms) will not show you the .sis & .mp3 extension files. So to send them via Bluetooth from "the gallery", rename them to any other extension. OR use FExplorer's bluetooth!

Nokia & Symbian made great efforts to hide these formats, preventing the people from sending these files via Bluetooth/Infrared... but remember... Nothing's Mission Impossible!!!

Make a permanent directory in your MMC & keep atleast these two installers (forwarder & fexplorer) files, so that you can always forward them & this knowledgebase to your friends!


Monday, December 20, 2004

God bless Bluetooth!

Its just so amazing...
...a piece of cake...

have your cake & eat it too!!!

Linux is Ultimate!!!

It took me just 15 minutes to configure a bluetooth connection on Linux!!! considering the fact that i have never ever used any USB/bluetooth devices in past...

experience the true freedom...
go Linu!!!


Monday, December 06, 2004

So Ironic...

Life seems so ironic these days...

I had all the time to go & get my Moku, no-one was willing to get me one. I could have spent hours & hours fiddling with it, recording things, syncing it with my PC, testing its Blue-tooth connectivity, frying my friends with jelousy... capturing "piddi" in a yet smaller "piddi" would have been so much fun!

I dont have even seconds to "scratch-my-head", the course content is just piling up like files in an MCD office, pressure is at peak, tension is high, wind is cold & above all my throat is so damm sour! AND now everybody is willing to get me my Moku... So IRONIC!!!

Anyways, i'm playing it safe... have decided to get it after tomorrow's exam, so that i can peacefully finish with my "Control Systems" exam (A BIG DINOSOUR). A CELL delayed can cause me no harm, but anything less than 50 in Controls *will* put back my career by "atleast" 6 months!

So... hoping, that DINOSOUR gets past my 3 hour exam without any tranqualizers :-D


Saturday, December 04, 2004

Thumbs up to Kalango Linux!

Good Work!

Almost everything works out of the box in this Linux. MP3/AVI/MPEG/RM/WMA/DAT, all file formats are supported. Has some preloaded stunning themes (xmms/kde) and is DEB based, so whatever it dosn't has can be apt-get in seconds (amazing piece of work by Debian guys!)

Though it has some libraries missing... but hey! you cant get everything in a 480 megs ISO :)

So "apt-get install missing" is an *apt* solution **grin**

I have decided to not go for MAJOR Linux distros (fedora/mandrake) in future. They, in order to cater large masses often miss out on latest (though unstable/testing) & day-2-day packages. BUT these kinda distros (Kalango Linux) proove much more focussed & updated!

So? any takers for this brazillian Linux...
gimme a buzz...


Friday, December 03, 2004

God Bless Yahoooo!

Today yahoo gave me 250 mb!!!
All i can say is... God Bless Yahooo!

happy mailing..

PS: Now who needs Gmail, which cant open in Konqueror (BTW, KDE3.4 will have Konqueror overcome this situation also... Konqueror will definitely give firefox a hard run for its money!)

Ghosh! I'm already feeling outdated!!!


The only BAD thing I about about Linux is that the moment you feel you are really up-to-date with Linux world... you actually fall behind 2 steps!
Just 2 days back, i installed "Kalango Linux" (kde3.3.1, gnome2.8.1) & was very excited to be a top-notch UPDATED Linux user (hehe). But today, while surfing kde-look, i read about KDE 3.4 (and KDE 4), which made me feel really really OUTDATED!!! says...
KDE 3.3.2 was tagged today, so we should see a new bug fix release of KDE in the first or second week of December. Earlier this past week, the plans for a KDE 3.4 release were also finalized. This will be the last major KDE 3 release before KDE 4. KDE 4 will make use of the Qt 4 library which promises to be quite a revolution for KDE and all Qt applications, but will break binary compatibility with previous releases....
Preview of KDE 3.4 / KDE

So until i can "apt-get kde4", i'll have to remain happy with Kde3.3.1...

Kde 3.4 features

Thursday, December 02, 2004

A picture is worth a thousand words!

My new Linux... Kalango Linux :)
Kde 3.3.1, Gnome 2.8.1, WindowMaker, Kernel 2.6.7, DEB package system, what more do you want???

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Moku's Future...

I guess, I will have to buy it myself, from my own "earned" money!
Some people kept on delaying it endlessly, so i junked their money/help! Now i'm thinking of getting it on my own.

So it will take a bit more time, but atleast i dont have to keep on BEGGING people!

PS: Ankit, i was banking on MOKU for my newer pic, infact lots of them! So guess whats the right word... WAIT...