Saturday, December 04, 2004

Thumbs up to Kalango Linux!

Good Work!

Almost everything works out of the box in this Linux. MP3/AVI/MPEG/RM/WMA/DAT, all file formats are supported. Has some preloaded stunning themes (xmms/kde) and is DEB based, so whatever it dosn't has can be apt-get in seconds (amazing piece of work by Debian guys!)

Though it has some libraries missing... but hey! you cant get everything in a 480 megs ISO :)

So "apt-get install missing" is an *apt* solution **grin**

I have decided to not go for MAJOR Linux distros (fedora/mandrake) in future. They, in order to cater large masses often miss out on latest (though unstable/testing) & day-2-day packages. BUT these kinda distros (Kalango Linux) proove much more focussed & updated!

So? any takers for this brazillian Linux...
gimme a buzz...


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