Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A classic example...

If you think that all this time i was just "bragging" about closed-source data & MS Office... you were damm wrong!

It happned that i edited my resume in college using MS Office Word 2003. It generated such a format that neither Open Office 1.1.4 nor MS Office 2000 was able to open it. I ultimately had to send my resume in an ASCII format to the consultancy!

What a shame...
Leave apart OpenOffice team (as they are cracking MS's document formats on their own), NOT EVEN MS WORD 2000 was able to open that file! What a shame for MS!

I think, its high time to make these formats "public".

Blogger was down!

Today, Blogger was down for some time & i candidly took a screenshot of it ;=))

...naugthy maku!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A community DOES matters!

Being a part of the Linux community DOES matters alot.
People here are always willing to help & share. Unexpected people come up with some great help. I have a similar experience to share...

I was trying to send my Resume to Novell India, but everytime i sent it, it used to bounce back with some automated reply, which in-turn referred me the to same email ID. Hence, i put up a request at ILUGD mailing list.

What happened next was truly amazing. Someone (Mr Shankarsan) completely unknown to me, forwarded my mail to the right person (Mr Munish, working with Novell India), without any personal motive. Now i'm in direct contact with Mr Munish for the same purpose.

I, heartly thank Mr Shankarsan & Mr Munish.
It may not matter, whatever the end result be (i get a call from Novell or not).

oh! forgot to mention...
It will be a dream come true to work with Novell India.
...keeping my fingers crossed X

Monday, March 28, 2005


My Personal Best!

top - 02:29:53 up 3 days, 19:42, 4 users, load average: 0.81, 0.62, 0.90

My mom will kill me over electricity bills!

Minority Report

Imagining a world free of crime?
Imagining PreCops protecting you?
Imagining yourself to be Tom Cruise?

Well... take a back seat & relax!
If these things seem to be sci-fi exaggerations, something else may be a reality in not very distant future!

Remember the way, people were using computers in Minority Report? The way the used to drag the screen (logically) & stuff!

well, try having a look @ what Siemens have developed & even you might **actually** imagine doing exactly that (dragging & stuff)

Click here for full story...

This is a CellPhone having a built-in projector... amazing!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


This cool little app that installs with kde 3.4 is amazingly well integrated with kde (konqueror).
Have a look @ some of my screenshots & u'll feel a big surge to try it urself!


Syndicating was never so easy before!
Try it on MakuTimes :-D

Software Development Practices @ Google

Prostoalex writes "It's widely known that Google allows its engineers to spend 20% of paid work time on personal projects (that are nevertheless considered property of the company). But how does the practice actually work? Joe Beda provides a helpful insight in his blog, pointing out other interesting software development practices at Google. The code database is open for everyone, the snippets and pieces are documented and one is encouraged to re-use existing code. The intranet is transparent to the max and the company accepts the fact that there's more than way to accomplish something, so a better method is always welcomed. Interesting to note that just like Hawaiian shirt days in Office Space, the 20% per projects are "actively encouraged" - Joe suspects his review ratings might slip if he doesn't have one soon."

...more @

Friday, March 25, 2005

Lets Share!

If your ISP is as obnoxious as ours and refusing to open/forward a couple of ports for FTP/SSH so that you can transfer/recevive files from your work, then you need GAINT. Although many ISPs block incoming P2P and other connections, many of them allow IM file transfer. You can take advantage of this situation (for now :)) and use Gaim with GAINT plugin to partially emulate FTP/Telnet.

Source -

I Gaint... Do u?

Falling in Love...

I'm falling in love yet again!
Since I'm upgrading to KDE 3.4, i'm using Gnome these days & ... it feels soo "Non-Windows-Like" & "appealing" that i just cant wait to emerge Gnome 2.10.
Also i'm dying to try the new KDE 3.4 which *might* be emerged by tomorrow afternoon.

I wished i could use both of these together (usefully)...
BUT, i'll have to settle with one at a time...
What a pitty!

:-( :-) :-( :-)
Different moods... Different desktops!
The power of choice! ...The power of freedom! ...The power of Linux!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Open Source Panipat

Welcome back :-)
Here I'm, spending 3 full days at Panipat, almost fighting the "4th war of Panipat" :-D
Well, it was a war against "closed-source-software", a war against "proprietary software", a war for the GNU movement!

The stay was at Manuj's place & aunti-ji used to cook some realy lip-smacking meals. The NFL colony (where i stayed) is like a town in itself. 80% of NFL people knew Manuj. He's quite popular over there ;-)

Up on agenda were two presentations, one for NC College of Engg & the other for Asia Pacific Inst. of Engg & both went absolutely great.

The staff @ NC college is the "most helpfull staff" i have ever seen. The helped us alot during our presentation. Students at NC were cool, with some of the brightest minds.

Atmosphere at APIIT was amazing. Though campus placements were on, but the zest in students for the presentation was no less! The faculty was equally interested in Linux & open-source.

The presentations went so good that i'm confident that if 250 students (in all) attended the presentations, 80% will give it "atleast" a thought & 50-60% will try open-source software either at home ot at college.

This trip was a bit different than others. Neither was i paid for the presentations, nor did i got any contract from these colleges, but still, i feel damm happy.

You can say... "its my way of contributing back to the community to which i belong!"
Hats off... to Manuj & Open Source Panipat!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Opera 8 Beta 2

Version - 8.0 Beta 2
Build - 987
Platform - Linux
System - i686, 2.6.10-gentoo-r6
Qt library - 3.0.5
Java - No Java Runtime Environment installed

Okay, Okay, The "Opera 8 beta" thing looks cool, is damm faster, scrolls better than firefox, starts quicker than FF, tab mgmt is alot better & its L&F gels better with my KDE theme... but stil cannot beat firefox on three "basic" issues!

1. Its not free! These text adds are bugging me!!!
2. It still dosnt supports Gmail's https/python duet, yahoo's "dynamic add-bcc" thing, blogger's non-html version. It dosnt comes with Flash pre-packed, FF bookmark importer... the list is endless!

3. I miss my FF plugins, specially the "auto-copy" plugin.

On a rating of 1-10 (float), i'll give it 6.50

How do i get current image size of my image on a web-page in opera???
Why dosnt this preview button works???

& the saga continues...

As strong the weakest link!

A network is "always"... as secure as its weakest link!
...& most of the times, this weakest link is an idiot network admin.

Without even breaking into any server, without sniffing anything, without trying any dictionary/brute-force attack, ***SomeOne*** got into a n/w, went through all the user-names/passwords, n/w policies, admin accts, everything... just because an idiotic "admin", had dumped his mysql database into a "world-readable" directory under his apache document-root, which nikto very easily detected!

What a "super Idiot admin"!!!

This "www-session" at 6:38 pm, is enough proof of my sayings!

HappHakk ;-D


There is currently no timeline for GNOME 3.0, but whenever it happens, it will be our first opportunity to make a clean break from the 2.x series, which has a number of compatibility concerns. This page should serve to document and remind us of all the things we want to rectify, but won't be able to do without breaking compatibility with 2.x.

One nifty little app!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

LFY people should read this!!!

It should be made compulsory for all members of LFY team to sit down & read this magazine!
Jeez man!
This magazine is just 55 pages in length & way-way ahead of LFY. Okay, its not so technical, but still, 10 times better than LFY. Coverage of articles, designing of magazine, etc... is amazing. I wished, i had a hard copy of this magazine!

hey scribbler! are you listening...


& ya, you can have your own "free" digital subscription from Here.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Reason to smile...

Even Yahoo! mail uses Qmail to do "qewl" stuff.

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at

Perhaps, it gives me an extra reason to smile & keep qmailing.....


Life has never been so Qewler!

finally got mail send/recv, both working.

From now onwards, please redirect all my mails to

Good Night

You have got mail!

... well not exactly!
but after 3 days of head banging, archive searching, forum trotting, more head banging, piddi fights, frustrated "unsuccessfull" logins, finally, ...piddi's mail has arrived!

Makentoo # telnet localhost 110
Connected to makentoo.
Escape character is '^]'.
+OK Hello there.
+OK Password required.
pass ****
+OK logged in.

chk out comments to this post where i'll post, how exactly i managed to get this login!

finally, vpopmail with authvchkpw module is working..............