Sunday, January 30, 2005

LUFS to the rescue!

A superbly amazing piece of software...
something i was thinking for quite some time now :)

LUFS is enabling you to mount into your file hierarchy a remote computer's file system, which is accessible by various means (ftp, ssh, etc.). Then, the access to the remote files will be completely network transparent. In other words, you'll be able to read/modify remote files as if they were local, watch movies/listen to MP3s from FTP/SSH/Gnutella servers without copying them locally. Sheer magic. Now skip to the next section.

OK, it's time to fasten your seatbelt and hold your breath: Kansas is going bye-bye 'cause you're about to swallow the red pill.

Forget everything you knew about file sharing clients. This is a glimpse of the future...

You mount a gnetfs in ~/gnet. You wait a couple of minutes so it can establish its peer connections. You start a search by creating a subdirectory of SEARCH: mkdir “~/gnet/SEARCH/metallica mp3”. You wait a few seconds for the results to accumulate. The you chdir to “SEARCH/metallica mp3” and try a ls: surprise – the files are there! You shoot up mpg123 and enjoy... You are happy.

Still amazed,
chk out the URL


Monday, January 17, 2005

\"makentoo\" in the making...

It was quite a frustrating experience back in the days of RedHat. Downloading each & every rpm manually, installing it, solving dependencies myself... why d heck do i need to use Linux, if i cant automate these things???
Ok, yum was around the corner... but in beta/gama stages, quite broken at times... alot frustrating!

To automate this package installation, i decided to move onto Debian. Its "apt-get" is amazing. 5-6 months down the line, i find it very easy to use (99 times out of 100). But still, some dependencies creep in, urge to get the latest packages remains, which are still not added to debian repositories & the SPEED... still lacks!

In came Gentoo!!!
Rock solid, automated installers, repositories as wast as "open source" & above all, upto 20% faster than my debian on my existing hardware!

I think, its time to move on...

signing off...

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Hacking Firefox... Speeding it up!


I found this amazing article @ which tells about pipelining requests in HTTP 1.1 & how it makes surfing faster. Try it (@ ur own risk :-D)

BTW, anyone tried "about:config" in the address bar of ur firefox???
Try it & u'll be baffeled!


Exceptions creating Exceptional Problems!


Exception handling is cool, but can be a pain in the... donkey sometimes!
LinSock++ is just inches away from being finished, what remains is just error handling. This is what troubling us from past 5 days...

//Socket class

class Socket
throw SockException("ErrMessage", code);

throw SockException("ErrMessage", code);

//Main program

void main()
Socket object();
}catch(SockException err)
err.getCode(); //works
err.getMessage(); //works
//object.cannot_access_this(); <----- this is troublesome!

Now consider this,
If i create a TCP socket, which fails to connect, the user might want to connect after a timeout in the catch block, or call a function from there to do it. But when control reaches the catch block, the "object" is either destroyed or yet not created (behaviour of C++ exceptions) & hence the user is stuck!

In a nutshell, accessing the object in which exception occured is not being possible in catch block.

How to overcome this problem?
Any other solutions... workarounds...

All comments/flames/suggestions are welcome.


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Long time no see!

maku: Hi Blog!
blog: Hey maku... long time no see!
maku: yup yaar, exams/projects/tensions/more-tensions... :-D
maku: now evrythings fine... exams finito!
blog: chalo, dats nice
maku: yaa
blog: Aur? whats up these days?
maku: hmm... SAP training comming up...
maku: Our LinSock++ is almost ready
maku: going to launch it very soon on (hope so)
blog: grr8
maku :-D
maku: then only the SIP implementation will remain!
maku: though implementing it will be a herculian task!
blog: hehe! Wish you all d luck
maku: thanks blog... its needeed :)
maku: blog, chal, gtg, hav other things to finish also :-P
blog: okies, bbyeee (Ta Ta)
maku: cya!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Technology is amazing... & so is Linux!

Yes, sometimes the technology becomes so fascinating!

I had these C++ classes with me, for which i had to generate Class Diagrams. After working at a streach for 5-6 hours, designing/re-designing/debugging the classes, i had absolutely no energy left to make these diagrams by hand. came Dia & (amazing piece of software)!!!

All i had to do was " -l C++ -d ./" in my source directory & it generated an XML formatted class diagram, readable by Dia. & in no time the following class diagram was made... Click Here

& all this couldn't have been possible if i wouldn't have been working on Linux...

Win$$ just screws everything!


New Year Resolutions...

New years & resolutions... never go hand-in-hand!

Anyways, here are mine...

1> Honour commitments.
2> Try not to be late (part of resolution-1)
3> Behave in a better way ;-)

Hope, i follow the first resolution so that others follow automatically :-D