Friday, April 29, 2005

Time to say goodbye & move on...

Blogger has been quite good to me. This blog shown me a new dimension to communicate/express myself. But everything changes with time : hence, i think its time to move on to something more sophisticated, something more interesting.

My new home

This blog will remain active (tho i'll be not making any new posts here) until blogspot decides to shut it down for inactivity... & that day, i'll come & make a new post here [grin]

meet u @ my new home...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Just relaxing...

Power can be relaxing!
...not experienced this yet? You gotta play PowerManga!

The ultimate shoot-out (arcade-style) game for Linux!

After all day long work, arranging, re-arranging & yet-re-arranging the report, was quite some work ...phew!

Lets see now what happens tomorrow! Viva is due, report is almost ready, presentation is being made.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Missing things...!

The one thing, i'd love to attend & which i miss everytime...

Find it here


Monday, April 25, 2005

Neat trick on gentoo!

Ever since OpenOffice 2.0 Beta was released, i was hopping mad to try it!
But Gentoo made it sure that either OO-1.1.4 or OO-1.9.65, only one could remain on my system. The other one had to go!

& considering the fact that i could not let go of my "compiled" OO-1.1.4 (3 days of compilation!), OO-1.9.65 was making me go crazy!

& then... RPM came to my help!

emerge -v =app-arch/rpm-4.2
cd OpenOffice_Directory_rpms
rpm -ivh *.rpm --nodeps

& the result...

Makentoo root # rpm -qa
Makentoo root #

& now :-)


RE: This will THREAD your brains...


Finally, i finished this bare-bones implementation on the THREAD'ed problem. You can find the tarball here.

Unzip it & follow whats inside README. This is my interpretation of the result...

//pthread_join(thread_1, NULL);
//pthread_join(thread_2, NULL);

Since i dont allowed the threads to finish (as the problem didn't mentioned it), the value of "integer"...

//global variable
int integer=0;

...varies between 0 to 8. Most of the time, its zero as the "main" thread finishes before any of the children threads. If the first thread gets CPU, the value goes to 3 & in the best case, it goes to 8.

BUT, it does not goes beyond 8.

### Outputs ###
Makentoo thread # ./plusplus
Value of Integer before creating threads = 0
Creating Thread-1
Creating Thread-2
Inside Thread 1, integer = 1, loop=1
Inside Thread 1, integer = 2, loop=2
Inside Thread 1, integer = 3, loop=3
Value of Integer after creating threads = 3

Makentoo thread # ./plusplus
Value of Integer before creating threads = 0
Creating Thread-1
Creating Thread-2
Value of Integer after creating threads = 0

Makentoo thread # ./plusplus
Value of Integer before creating threads = 0
Creating Thread-1
Creating Thread-2
Value of Integer after creating threads = 0

...thats it!

For any comments/suggestions/flames...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Browser Wars...

So overall, Opera seems to be the fastest browser for windows. Firefox is not faster than Internet Explorer, except for scripting, but for standards support, security and features, it is a better choice. However, it is still not as fast as Opera, and Opera also offers a high level of standards support, security and features.

On Linux, Konqueror is the fastest for starting and viewing basic pages on KDE, but as soon as script or images are involved, or you want to use the back or forward buttons, or if you use Gnome, Opera is a faster choice, even though on KDE it will take a few seconds longer to start. Mozilla and Firefox give an overall good performance, but their script, cache handling and image-based page speed still cannot compare with Opera.

On Mac OS X, Opera and Safari are both very fast, with Safari 2 being faster at starting and rendering CSS, but with Opera still being distinguishably faster for rendering tables, scripting and history (especially compared with the much slower Safari 1.2). Camino is fast to start, but then it joins its sisters Mozilla and Firefox further down the list. Neither Mozilla, Firefox nor IE perform very well on Mac, being generally slower than on other operating systems.

On Mac OS 9, no single browser stands out as the fastest. In fact, my condolences to anyone who has to use one of them, they all perform badly.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Fantastic Doggy!

Have a look @ this...

This is a normal/everyday thing. She always sleeps near mummy, in a similar upside-down style!

Fantastic doggy!
--My Piddi--

When Law makers become Law BREAKERS!!!

Reality... captured on Maku's camera!

Can you guess the offence?

Time : 1:08 pm
Location : Shakti Nagar, Delhi.

Why MakenToO shall never die!

Despite looong compilation times, MakenToO will go on to be a part of my PC for quite some time & the reasons... galore!

1. Nothing beats "emerge". Its as awesome as apt-get (sometimes even better). The default package base is HUGE! Lotsa games too...

2. Package availability is faster. You dont need to be dependent on someone to make .des or .rpms for you! Plain tarballs are just, perfect!

3. Gentoo forums are faster (seemingly) than IRC help.

4. Gentoo's documentation is marvelous. You find each & every aspect of core-gentoo in gentoo docs.

5. Its amazingly flexible. Create your own ebuilds from the older ones or just emerge as many packages (simultaneously) you want...

6 ... or just go & emerge "rpm & dpkg" for you & you can directly install rpms & debs using "rpm -ivh" or "dpkg -i". The system is built to support just... anything!


8. Installing gentoo is like watching your own child grow! From its birth to its teens to... & it still remains in its teens, always fast & active!

9. Just installing gentoo, teaches you a lot of stuff. Forget what will happen if you actually use it!

10. Using Gentoo takes you nearer to the roots of Linux... the source! You may never even think of using or even looking at source of apps you download as debs or rpms. But with gentoo, you might, as its the only thing you (generally) will download!

---Most Important---
11. Using gentoo, just doubles the "Nerd" factor!
---Most Important---

All this might seem as a piece of crap... Until you try Gentoo yourself!
Probably these were few reasons (among many more), that i junked SuSE 9.3 for MakenToO!

Thanking Vishal, who encouraged me to use Gentoo...

(In front of my MakenToO)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

This will THREAD your brains

An interesting question...

Consider a function PlusPlus()

static int i;

void PlusPlus()

Now 2 threads are created...



Assuming that all necessary work is done to set up these threads & PlusPlus function, what will be the MAX & MIN value of "i" after the threads stop executing. Support your answers with some explanations.

1. The system scheduler follows random scheduling algorithm
2. Thread 1 or Thread 2, either can be executed first (because of 1st assumpt.)


No Headings were making various posts indistinguishable!
Had to turn them on...
Still giving my blog some finishing touches... tweaking those settings to their best :-D
Please bear with me :P
Blogger will remain blogger!
Problems again in opening up my blog. It takes me directly to the dashboard!

Hope, services to my blog are restored soon...
Changes changes changes!
We all need them... so does my blog!

I like the new look, with new postings coming properly at the top. The heading field is gone as sometimes it seems absurd to add it to every post. The vertical stack of images on the right will probably give me more space to express myself on the left.

But... probably, you'll have to scroll more to find piddi's pics & other links :-P

...still on MakenToO!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

5 days on SuSE & i'm back...

Just 5/6 dayas on SuSE & i realized that nothing can beat gentoo!

Specially when it comes to stability, speed & package management. Novell can release as many updates & patches for SuSE as they want, set up as many ftp servers, but still, they will never be able to get past apt-get's efficiency, which in turn will always remain behind Gentoo's emerge!

That said, this post obviously comes from Gentoo :-D

Bleeding Edge

makuchaku @ livejournal

Just made an account @ livejournal...
Chk it out & put some sincere comments there, be it on style/simplicity/whatever.

Flames/suggestions/... all welcome!

makuchaku @ livejournal

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Herculean task...

Starting this big (herculean) task of documenting my (our) final year project. Lets see, how good or bad can it get :-P

OO 2.0 Beta & Abi-Word will be put to a good test. Lets see how they live upto it...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Screenies v9.3

Okay, on popular demand, here are some of my screenies of SuSE 9.3 & my personal review of the distro.

Beagle doing what it does the best!

FSpot, running through my photo gallery.

Adobe Acrobat 7.0

My Plain-Jane Desktop, nothing much fancy about it :-)

YaST in some of its forms...

More screenies for Xen, beagle, FSpot, OO-2.0-Beta will soon be a part of this blog :-)
Sincerely speaking... Its a great distro, aptly complemented with the large rpm-base thats present on the cd's. Its almost impossible that you need a package & its already not there on the installation media (though the versions may differ).
YaST is a great tool, doing almost everything for you. From online updates to device mgmt to services mgmt, everything! Gnome 2.10 is fantastic, almost all nagging problems of 2.8 version are solved. Mono apps like Beagle, FSpot, Blam are making life quite easier.
SuSE 9.3 is almost as fast as my Gentoo (sometimes even faster).

BUT, i do miss my emerge/apt-get. SuSE has to do some real work on this regard. I cannot happily live with Gaim 1.1.4 when i know that Gaim 1.2.1 is already running on my Gentoo!

All in all, i'll rate this distro 8.5/10 on looks, 8.5 on speed but 6-6.5/10 on updates & stuff!

...more next time,
makuchaku (SuSE'd)

Distribute it...

cat /mnt/cdrom/media.1/info.txt



This Novell Software License Agreement ("Agreement") is a legal
agreement between You (an entity or a person) and Novell, Inc.
("Novell") with respect to the software product identified in the
title of this Agreement, media (if any) and accompanying documentation
(collectively the "Software").

The Software is a collective work of Novell. You may make and use
unlimited copies of the Software for Your distribution and use within
Your Organization. You may make and distribute unlimited copies of
the Software outside Your organization provided that: 1) You receive
no consideration; and, 2) you do not bundle or combine the Software
with another offering (e.g., software, hardware, or service). The
term "Organization" means a legal entity, excluding subsidiaries and
affiliates with a separate existence for tax purposes or for legal
personality purposes. An example of an Organization in the private
sector would be a corporation, partnership, or trust, excluding any
subsidiaries or affiliates of the organization with a separate tax
identification number or company registration number. In the public
sector, an example of Organization would be a specific government
body or local government authority.


Friday, April 15, 2005

Lets Rock!

My 4 day long download has come to an end. Tonight, I'll rock my 30G partition (/dev/hda1) with SuSE's ISO's.

& like a good netizen, i'm now seeding for others. I'll continue to do this whenever i think my bandwidth cannot be put to some other usefull stuff.

So, hopefully, i'll be posting my next message from Gnome2.10, using firefox 1.0.2, running on kernel 2.6.11


My First SuSE Screenie... (4:49 am)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Worth a mention...

-------- Forwarded Message --------
From: Frederick Noronha (FN)
To: fsf-friends
Subject: [Fsf-friends] Three cheers to Kerala...
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 00:52:37 +0530 (IST)

Three cheers to the Kerala text books, which are attempting to offer
vendor-independent education in IT, as is evident from this extract below,
Chapter III, Std X text book (available for free download):

* Spread sheets are the software which helps to calculate
quickly and easily.
* Different spreadsheets are used in the Operating system(s)
such as Windows and GNU/Linux.
* Microsoft Excel is the widely used spreadsheet in Windows.
* Open Office Calc is the spread sheet used in GNU/Linux....


In a mail from ILUGD.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

SuSE Again...

2424.5 mb out of 3418.6 mb downloaded.
About 24 hrs still remaining for download to finish.

/me is waiting with lotsa hope...


Monday, April 04, 2005

SuSE 9.3

Hey guys,

SuSE 9.3 will be out by "Mid April" & i'll do anything-&-everything to lay my hands on the ISO's.

An open invitation...
Get me SuSE 9.3 & i'll give you a treat of your lifetime!

Official Page
Press release at CeBIT-2005 (Germany)
Official review with pics

This distro is sure some kickass stuff!

mera SuSE kab aayega...

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Ubuntu 5.04 (RC)


Just gonna boot into Live Ubuntu 5.04 in next few minutes...
...can't wait to see Gnome 2.10


Post Test

Nothings "Uber-cool" about Gnome 2.10...
Yaa, i did noticed some good changes, like the file selection dialog, nautilus, gnome-panel, applets...

But its not something i'll kill for!
I'll wait & watch for Gnome 2.12/3.0 series

Or ofcourse! if i could lay my hands on SuSE 9.3....

Friday, April 01, 2005

Alt-F2 0.0.2 released...

Alt-F2 0.0.2 has been released.

Changelog :
Just hitting enter now works!

Online demo :

Download :

...& as always,
Flames/comments/suggestions @ (mayank dot gnu at gmail dot com)


Alt+F2... Download now!

Bugged by that slow Alt+F2 run dialog in Gnome?
Try my app!

Christened as "alt-f2", developed in C#, gui'd in GTK#, it is build using Mono, MonoDevelop & Glade-2.

Obviously... its under GPL

This 0.0.1 (release candidate) is in development state.
The current version just comes up asking for you to enter something. You will have to start it everytime by itself or cook up a good start script.

Click for bigger size.

Download the source (& binaries)...

More to come up next...
1. Hitting enter while TextExtry still has focus should activate the app.
2. Better default on-screen positioning
3. Ability to "make install" it.

Future roadmap...
1. Come up in "Actions" menu in Gnome.
2. Bind to Alt+F2 shortcut
3. Provide many more options...

Please direct your Flames/Comments/Suggestions to
(((mayank dot gnu at gmail dot com)))
or post a comment to this blog entry.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A classic example...

If you think that all this time i was just "bragging" about closed-source data & MS Office... you were damm wrong!

It happned that i edited my resume in college using MS Office Word 2003. It generated such a format that neither Open Office 1.1.4 nor MS Office 2000 was able to open it. I ultimately had to send my resume in an ASCII format to the consultancy!

What a shame...
Leave apart OpenOffice team (as they are cracking MS's document formats on their own), NOT EVEN MS WORD 2000 was able to open that file! What a shame for MS!

I think, its high time to make these formats "public".

Blogger was down!

Today, Blogger was down for some time & i candidly took a screenshot of it ;=))

...naugthy maku!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A community DOES matters!

Being a part of the Linux community DOES matters alot.
People here are always willing to help & share. Unexpected people come up with some great help. I have a similar experience to share...

I was trying to send my Resume to Novell India, but everytime i sent it, it used to bounce back with some automated reply, which in-turn referred me the to same email ID. Hence, i put up a request at ILUGD mailing list.

What happened next was truly amazing. Someone (Mr Shankarsan) completely unknown to me, forwarded my mail to the right person (Mr Munish, working with Novell India), without any personal motive. Now i'm in direct contact with Mr Munish for the same purpose.

I, heartly thank Mr Shankarsan & Mr Munish.
It may not matter, whatever the end result be (i get a call from Novell or not).

oh! forgot to mention...
It will be a dream come true to work with Novell India.
...keeping my fingers crossed X

Monday, March 28, 2005


My Personal Best!

top - 02:29:53 up 3 days, 19:42, 4 users, load average: 0.81, 0.62, 0.90

My mom will kill me over electricity bills!

Minority Report

Imagining a world free of crime?
Imagining PreCops protecting you?
Imagining yourself to be Tom Cruise?

Well... take a back seat & relax!
If these things seem to be sci-fi exaggerations, something else may be a reality in not very distant future!

Remember the way, people were using computers in Minority Report? The way the used to drag the screen (logically) & stuff!

well, try having a look @ what Siemens have developed & even you might **actually** imagine doing exactly that (dragging & stuff)

Click here for full story...

This is a CellPhone having a built-in projector... amazing!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


This cool little app that installs with kde 3.4 is amazingly well integrated with kde (konqueror).
Have a look @ some of my screenshots & u'll feel a big surge to try it urself!


Syndicating was never so easy before!
Try it on MakuTimes :-D

Software Development Practices @ Google

Prostoalex writes "It's widely known that Google allows its engineers to spend 20% of paid work time on personal projects (that are nevertheless considered property of the company). But how does the practice actually work? Joe Beda provides a helpful insight in his blog, pointing out other interesting software development practices at Google. The code database is open for everyone, the snippets and pieces are documented and one is encouraged to re-use existing code. The intranet is transparent to the max and the company accepts the fact that there's more than way to accomplish something, so a better method is always welcomed. Interesting to note that just like Hawaiian shirt days in Office Space, the 20% per projects are "actively encouraged" - Joe suspects his review ratings might slip if he doesn't have one soon."

...more @

Friday, March 25, 2005

Lets Share!

If your ISP is as obnoxious as ours and refusing to open/forward a couple of ports for FTP/SSH so that you can transfer/recevive files from your work, then you need GAINT. Although many ISPs block incoming P2P and other connections, many of them allow IM file transfer. You can take advantage of this situation (for now :)) and use Gaim with GAINT plugin to partially emulate FTP/Telnet.

Source -

I Gaint... Do u?

Falling in Love...

I'm falling in love yet again!
Since I'm upgrading to KDE 3.4, i'm using Gnome these days & ... it feels soo "Non-Windows-Like" & "appealing" that i just cant wait to emerge Gnome 2.10.
Also i'm dying to try the new KDE 3.4 which *might* be emerged by tomorrow afternoon.

I wished i could use both of these together (usefully)...
BUT, i'll have to settle with one at a time...
What a pitty!

:-( :-) :-( :-)
Different moods... Different desktops!
The power of choice! ...The power of freedom! ...The power of Linux!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Open Source Panipat

Welcome back :-)
Here I'm, spending 3 full days at Panipat, almost fighting the "4th war of Panipat" :-D
Well, it was a war against "closed-source-software", a war against "proprietary software", a war for the GNU movement!

The stay was at Manuj's place & aunti-ji used to cook some realy lip-smacking meals. The NFL colony (where i stayed) is like a town in itself. 80% of NFL people knew Manuj. He's quite popular over there ;-)

Up on agenda were two presentations, one for NC College of Engg & the other for Asia Pacific Inst. of Engg & both went absolutely great.

The staff @ NC college is the "most helpfull staff" i have ever seen. The helped us alot during our presentation. Students at NC were cool, with some of the brightest minds.

Atmosphere at APIIT was amazing. Though campus placements were on, but the zest in students for the presentation was no less! The faculty was equally interested in Linux & open-source.

The presentations went so good that i'm confident that if 250 students (in all) attended the presentations, 80% will give it "atleast" a thought & 50-60% will try open-source software either at home ot at college.

This trip was a bit different than others. Neither was i paid for the presentations, nor did i got any contract from these colleges, but still, i feel damm happy.

You can say... "its my way of contributing back to the community to which i belong!"
Hats off... to Manuj & Open Source Panipat!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Opera 8 Beta 2

Version - 8.0 Beta 2
Build - 987
Platform - Linux
System - i686, 2.6.10-gentoo-r6
Qt library - 3.0.5
Java - No Java Runtime Environment installed

Okay, Okay, The "Opera 8 beta" thing looks cool, is damm faster, scrolls better than firefox, starts quicker than FF, tab mgmt is alot better & its L&F gels better with my KDE theme... but stil cannot beat firefox on three "basic" issues!

1. Its not free! These text adds are bugging me!!!
2. It still dosnt supports Gmail's https/python duet, yahoo's "dynamic add-bcc" thing, blogger's non-html version. It dosnt comes with Flash pre-packed, FF bookmark importer... the list is endless!

3. I miss my FF plugins, specially the "auto-copy" plugin.

On a rating of 1-10 (float), i'll give it 6.50

How do i get current image size of my image on a web-page in opera???
Why dosnt this preview button works???

& the saga continues...

As strong the weakest link!

A network is "always"... as secure as its weakest link!
...& most of the times, this weakest link is an idiot network admin.

Without even breaking into any server, without sniffing anything, without trying any dictionary/brute-force attack, ***SomeOne*** got into a n/w, went through all the user-names/passwords, n/w policies, admin accts, everything... just because an idiotic "admin", had dumped his mysql database into a "world-readable" directory under his apache document-root, which nikto very easily detected!

What a "super Idiot admin"!!!

This "www-session" at 6:38 pm, is enough proof of my sayings!

HappHakk ;-D


There is currently no timeline for GNOME 3.0, but whenever it happens, it will be our first opportunity to make a clean break from the 2.x series, which has a number of compatibility concerns. This page should serve to document and remind us of all the things we want to rectify, but won't be able to do without breaking compatibility with 2.x.

One nifty little app!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

LFY people should read this!!!

It should be made compulsory for all members of LFY team to sit down & read this magazine!
Jeez man!
This magazine is just 55 pages in length & way-way ahead of LFY. Okay, its not so technical, but still, 10 times better than LFY. Coverage of articles, designing of magazine, etc... is amazing. I wished, i had a hard copy of this magazine!

hey scribbler! are you listening...


& ya, you can have your own "free" digital subscription from Here.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Reason to smile...

Even Yahoo! mail uses Qmail to do "qewl" stuff.

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at

Perhaps, it gives me an extra reason to smile & keep qmailing.....


Life has never been so Qewler!

finally got mail send/recv, both working.

From now onwards, please redirect all my mails to

Good Night

You have got mail!

... well not exactly!
but after 3 days of head banging, archive searching, forum trotting, more head banging, piddi fights, frustrated "unsuccessfull" logins, finally, ...piddi's mail has arrived!

Makentoo # telnet localhost 110
Connected to makentoo.
Escape character is '^]'.
+OK Hello there.
+OK Password required.
pass ****
+OK logged in.

chk out comments to this post where i'll post, how exactly i managed to get this login!

finally, vpopmail with authvchkpw module is working..............

Sunday, February 27, 2005

My worst fear...

Its setting up a mail server!

From past 2 days, i'm banging my head against docs for qmail to get it running on gentoo. Qmail's docs are good, infact wonderfull, but being on a non-legacy system, i need to be extra-extra carefull. I cannot afford to make mistakes as every mistake can set me back by atleast 2 hours of re-compilation. Hence, golden words for me are : "Learn from other's mistakes" :-D

Anyways, i WILL set up Qmail this week & give my family members their own address, like :
however big it may look!

Signing off,

Friday, February 25, 2005

We have moved!

From the first room to Last room.

Hence... Welcome to GnuTech Labs!

Now atleast GnuTech has a dedicated room for R & D :-)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Music? Anyone?

I (makuchaku), in no way, endorse music piracy...

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Feels good when things start working out...
Finally graduated to NetBeans IDE with a J2ME mobility pack... now i can design those cool GUI's for my moku!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

SMS... spam?

Steps to become a cool SMS spammer...

1. Get a series 60 cell-phone (nokia)
2. install python for nokia
3. choose a victim!
4. use this script

import messaging
from time import sleep

for i in range(howManySMS):
print "Sending SMS --> ",i
messaging.sms_send("Victim_number",u"Now dodge this SPAM... hehe"+unicode(i))

5. Dont blame me if u get caught!


Microsoft to Release New Internet Browser

Feb 15, 2005 — SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters)
Microsoft Corp. will release a new version of Internet Explorer, the world's most popular Internet browsing software, with new, built-in security features, Chairman Bill Gates said on Tuesday.

In a speech at a major security conference here, Gates said Internet Explorer 7.0, with new anti-spyware features, will be released for preliminary testing this summer.

The move comes three years after Microsoft, the world's biggest software company, launched a major initiative to improve the reliability and security of its software, which runs on about 90 percent of all personal computers.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Monday, February 14, 2005

What ... am i?

What extension am i?

Definitely not an 8.3 format!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Amazing Python!

I'm accessing Python console running on my 6600 through my Linux box... amazing!

Makentoo bluetooth # sdptool add --channel=1 SP
Serial Port service registered
Makentoo bluetooth # sdpd
Makentoo bluetooth # rfcomm listen /dev/rfcomm0 1
Waiting for connection on channel 1
Connection from 00:0E:6D:93:40:7E to /dev/rfcomm0
Press CTRL-C for hangup

Open another xterm & "cu -l /dev/rfcomm0"

& voila!

>>> hosts=[u"maku",u"makentoo"]
>>> appuifw.popup_menu(hosts,u"select host")
>>> import socket
>>> sock=socket.socket(socket.AF_BT,socket.SOCK_STREAM)
>>> socket.bt_discover()

Technology is amazing... truly amazing!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Welcome to LA '05

As always... Linux Asia started with a "wicked" goofup!

Windows XP in the first (inaugural) keynote!!!
What a shame!
Mr. Rahul, the editor of LFY was literally hiding his face :-D Being seated just next to him, i missed one of the best shots my camera could have catured! Obviously enough, it was replaced soon after.

But hey! Thanks to XP, things started off with a good mood. Welcome note (quite long) by Dr. Deepak from IIT Mumbai was excellent.

Other keynotes/Q&A sessions also were interesting. Specially the Panel discussion on "Is Linux ready for the Desktops?"... oh, BTW, I plan to write an article on same for "xxx" :-)

All in all, 1st day at LA '05 was quite interesting.

One major-major thing that happened today... was that it shifted my mindset from a "JOB" to my own business... When I'm good enough, why can't i exploit my skills for my own company? When I have a good business model, when I have a targetted segment, I think, its worth a risk!