Monday, December 06, 2004

So Ironic...

Life seems so ironic these days...

I had all the time to go & get my Moku, no-one was willing to get me one. I could have spent hours & hours fiddling with it, recording things, syncing it with my PC, testing its Blue-tooth connectivity, frying my friends with jelousy... capturing "piddi" in a yet smaller "piddi" would have been so much fun!

I dont have even seconds to "scratch-my-head", the course content is just piling up like files in an MCD office, pressure is at peak, tension is high, wind is cold & above all my throat is so damm sour! AND now everybody is willing to get me my Moku... So IRONIC!!!

Anyways, i'm playing it safe... have decided to get it after tomorrow's exam, so that i can peacefully finish with my "Control Systems" exam (A BIG DINOSOUR). A CELL delayed can cause me no harm, but anything less than 50 in Controls *will* put back my career by "atleast" 6 months!

So... hoping, that DINOSOUR gets past my 3 hour exam without any tranqualizers :-D


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