Monday, January 17, 2005

\"makentoo\" in the making...

It was quite a frustrating experience back in the days of RedHat. Downloading each & every rpm manually, installing it, solving dependencies myself... why d heck do i need to use Linux, if i cant automate these things???
Ok, yum was around the corner... but in beta/gama stages, quite broken at times... alot frustrating!

To automate this package installation, i decided to move onto Debian. Its "apt-get" is amazing. 5-6 months down the line, i find it very easy to use (99 times out of 100). But still, some dependencies creep in, urge to get the latest packages remains, which are still not added to debian repositories & the SPEED... still lacks!

In came Gentoo!!!
Rock solid, automated installers, repositories as wast as "open source" & above all, upto 20% faster than my debian on my existing hardware!

I think, its time to move on...

signing off...

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