Thursday, January 06, 2005

Long time no see!

maku: Hi Blog!
blog: Hey maku... long time no see!
maku: yup yaar, exams/projects/tensions/more-tensions... :-D
maku: now evrythings fine... exams finito!
blog: chalo, dats nice
maku: yaa
blog: Aur? whats up these days?
maku: hmm... SAP training comming up...
maku: Our LinSock++ is almost ready
maku: going to launch it very soon on (hope so)
blog: grr8
maku :-D
maku: then only the SIP implementation will remain!
maku: though implementing it will be a herculian task!
blog: hehe! Wish you all d luck
maku: thanks blog... its needeed :)
maku: blog, chal, gtg, hav other things to finish also :-P
blog: okies, bbyeee (Ta Ta)
maku: cya!

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