Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Welcome to LA '05

As always... Linux Asia started with a "wicked" goofup!

Windows XP in the first (inaugural) keynote!!!
What a shame!
Mr. Rahul, the editor of LFY was literally hiding his face :-D Being seated just next to him, i missed one of the best shots my camera could have catured! Obviously enough, it was replaced soon after.

But hey! Thanks to XP, things started off with a good mood. Welcome note (quite long) by Dr. Deepak from IIT Mumbai was excellent.

Other keynotes/Q&A sessions also were interesting. Specially the Panel discussion on "Is Linux ready for the Desktops?"... oh, BTW, I plan to write an article on same for "xxx" :-)

All in all, 1st day at LA '05 was quite interesting.

One major-major thing that happened today... was that it shifted my mindset from a "JOB" to my own business... When I'm good enough, why can't i exploit my skills for my own company? When I have a good business model, when I have a targetted segment, I think, its worth a risk!


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