Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Open Source Panipat

Welcome back :-)
Here I'm, spending 3 full days at Panipat, almost fighting the "4th war of Panipat" :-D
Well, it was a war against "closed-source-software", a war against "proprietary software", a war for the GNU movement!

The stay was at Manuj's place & aunti-ji used to cook some realy lip-smacking meals. The NFL colony (where i stayed) is like a town in itself. 80% of NFL people knew Manuj. He's quite popular over there ;-)

Up on agenda were two presentations, one for NC College of Engg & the other for Asia Pacific Inst. of Engg & both went absolutely great.

The staff @ NC college is the "most helpfull staff" i have ever seen. The helped us alot during our presentation. Students at NC were cool, with some of the brightest minds.

Atmosphere at APIIT was amazing. Though campus placements were on, but the zest in students for the presentation was no less! The faculty was equally interested in Linux & open-source.

The presentations went so good that i'm confident that if 250 students (in all) attended the presentations, 80% will give it "atleast" a thought & 50-60% will try open-source software either at home ot at college.

This trip was a bit different than others. Neither was i paid for the presentations, nor did i got any contract from these colleges, but still, i feel damm happy.

You can say... "its my way of contributing back to the community to which i belong!"
Hats off... to Manuj & Open Source Panipat!


Anonymous said...

It is really amazing and good to hear about such a response & most of above, seeing ur pictures giving presentation feels good.I dont know y but happy for u (may b not a big achievement but seeing u wrking on this level really feels good).
Always With Best Wishes.

माकूचाकू said...

Hi Anonymous,
Please try to be a-bit less anonymous next time. That will give me immense pleasure to see who all chk my blog.

Thanks for stopping by my blog...

माकूचाकू said...

forgot to mention...

The lady in red, is Gunjan Kathuria, a final year engineering student of NC College & is upto an extra-cool project.