Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A community DOES matters!

Being a part of the Linux community DOES matters alot.
People here are always willing to help & share. Unexpected people come up with some great help. I have a similar experience to share...

I was trying to send my Resume to Novell India, but everytime i sent it, it used to bounce back with some automated reply, which in-turn referred me the to same email ID. Hence, i put up a request at ILUGD mailing list.

What happened next was truly amazing. Someone (Mr Shankarsan) completely unknown to me, forwarded my mail to the right person (Mr Munish, working with Novell India), without any personal motive. Now i'm in direct contact with Mr Munish for the same purpose.

I, heartly thank Mr Shankarsan & Mr Munish.
It may not matter, whatever the end result be (i get a call from Novell or not).

oh! forgot to mention...
It will be a dream come true to work with Novell India.
...keeping my fingers crossed X


Sonika said...

hey i m sure that,he must have seen & judged d capabilities in u.

So its not the community alone but the person too i.e u .............


PS: if my resume will b there then no 1 will give a notice to it :))

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Job well done... Hoping you get a job and Sonika too....


Jetru said...

Yes, unexpected help does come many a time.

माकूचाकू said...

Hey scribbler,
nice to c u back :-)
BTW, Sonika is already placed.
To reach her blog (yes, she's a blogger (a recent one) too), go to my blog & find the link below piddi's pic.

Hi Jetru ;-)