Wednesday, March 09, 2005

LFY people should read this!!!

It should be made compulsory for all members of LFY team to sit down & read this magazine!
Jeez man!
This magazine is just 55 pages in length & way-way ahead of LFY. Okay, its not so technical, but still, 10 times better than LFY. Coverage of articles, designing of magazine, etc... is amazing. I wished, i had a hard copy of this magazine!

hey scribbler! are you listening...


& ya, you can have your own "free" digital subscription from Here.


Ankit Malik said...

oh hi

yes i am here on your boring blog!!!

in fact you are reporting way late abt Tux Magazine. !!

In JaN I put a Free Subscription of Tux magazine in the wishlist i posted on my blog!!!!

and then in feb they did the most ubercool thing: RELEASE IT FOR FREE On my birthday!!!! amazing

wish granted

and honestly TUX is way cool. I wonder when will LFY wake up from their 'Industry Magazine' Slumber and come down to the apps and software. Oh Wait! I will tell the concerned abt this!
They need to know the competition!!!!!!!

As for getting a hard copy why not you print it one month and I print it the next and send it to each other after reading???

printing an issue will only take around rs. 50 ki ink @ draft which is not much

and keep updating your blog otherwise it gets boring

Ankit @ Scribbler

Ankit Malik said...

but pity the first issue rarely had any gnome apps :(

माकूचाकू said...

chillax man!
i got the link to Tux magz from your blog only, hence was just pointing the "better-ness" of this magz over LFY u!

So next time when u write for LFY, give them this PDf for free :-D


Anonymous said...



Although planning to print it and gift them ;-)!!!!!

but I know right now they are way busy!!!