Tuesday, April 19, 2005

5 days on SuSE & i'm back...

Just 5/6 dayas on SuSE & i realized that nothing can beat gentoo!

Specially when it comes to stability, speed & package management. Novell can release as many updates & patches for SuSE as they want, set up as many ftp servers, but still, they will never be able to get past apt-get's efficiency, which in turn will always remain behind Gentoo's emerge!

That said, this post obviously comes from Gentoo :-D

Bleeding Edge


Anonymous said...

he he I am almost Rofling!!!

this is so insane from the IDIOT who spent ages on d/l SUSE and before that had gone mad for 15 days behind SUSE :D

well... I dont blame you either..nothing beats apt-get or maybe emerge.. If suse wanna rock, they better switch to apt-get :D

and didnt I myself told you this -ve point in the beginning...and you madly said apt4rpm :P:P:P

Ankit :D

Gentoo/Ubuntoooooo rocks :D

Jetru said...

...you know, sometimes i think Linux kills productivity. People keep changing distros and installing takes time and setting preferences(unless you have backed it up) and all.

माकूचाकू said...

& i think, its a plus point!
Imagine, had u not liked M$'s speed/any-feature, would it give you a chance to install any-other windows?

Its all about freedom of choices!
Free as in Freedom...