Friday, April 22, 2005

Why MakenToO shall never die!

Despite looong compilation times, MakenToO will go on to be a part of my PC for quite some time & the reasons... galore!

1. Nothing beats "emerge". Its as awesome as apt-get (sometimes even better). The default package base is HUGE! Lotsa games too...

2. Package availability is faster. You dont need to be dependent on someone to make .des or .rpms for you! Plain tarballs are just, perfect!

3. Gentoo forums are faster (seemingly) than IRC help.

4. Gentoo's documentation is marvelous. You find each & every aspect of core-gentoo in gentoo docs.

5. Its amazingly flexible. Create your own ebuilds from the older ones or just emerge as many packages (simultaneously) you want...

6 ... or just go & emerge "rpm & dpkg" for you & you can directly install rpms & debs using "rpm -ivh" or "dpkg -i". The system is built to support just... anything!


8. Installing gentoo is like watching your own child grow! From its birth to its teens to... & it still remains in its teens, always fast & active!

9. Just installing gentoo, teaches you a lot of stuff. Forget what will happen if you actually use it!

10. Using Gentoo takes you nearer to the roots of Linux... the source! You may never even think of using or even looking at source of apps you download as debs or rpms. But with gentoo, you might, as its the only thing you (generally) will download!

---Most Important---
11. Using gentoo, just doubles the "Nerd" factor!
---Most Important---

All this might seem as a piece of crap... Until you try Gentoo yourself!
Probably these were few reasons (among many more), that i junked SuSE 9.3 for MakenToO!

Thanking Vishal, who encouraged me to use Gentoo...

(In front of my MakenToO)

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