Friday, April 01, 2005

Alt+F2... Download now!

Bugged by that slow Alt+F2 run dialog in Gnome?
Try my app!

Christened as "alt-f2", developed in C#, gui'd in GTK#, it is build using Mono, MonoDevelop & Glade-2.

Obviously... its under GPL

This 0.0.1 (release candidate) is in development state.
The current version just comes up asking for you to enter something. You will have to start it everytime by itself or cook up a good start script.

Click for bigger size.

Download the source (& binaries)...

More to come up next...
1. Hitting enter while TextExtry still has focus should activate the app.
2. Better default on-screen positioning
3. Ability to "make install" it.

Future roadmap...
1. Come up in "Actions" menu in Gnome.
2. Bind to Alt+F2 shortcut
3. Provide many more options...

Please direct your Flames/Comments/Suggestions to
(((mayank dot gnu at gmail dot com)))
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