Saturday, November 20, 2004

9 steps to Blue-Jacking...

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The techniques behind bluejacking are simple, but vary slightly between mobile phone, PDA and PC manufacturers. The following describes the simplest way to Bluejack:

(1). Enable Bluetooth on your phone
(2). Name your phone so the person you bluejack knows who it is. Of course it can be anonymous or an unrelated name to yours if you prefer.
(3). Locate yourself in a place where other enabled device can be found. Interestingly this can include the tube as Bluetooth does not rely on network signals
(4). Create a new contact in your phone or PDA. Rather than writing a name in the name field type your message.
(5). Save the new contact (message)
(6). Select send via Bluetooth from the appropriate menu
(7). The phone/PDA/PC will search for enabled devices.
(8). A list of names will appear if you are in the vicinity of other enabled devices.
(9). Choose a name and send. It’s as simple as that!


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