Friday, November 12, 2004

Why Jains celebrate Diwali...

Shri Mahavir Swami
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Happy Diwali folks!

Ever wondered, why we Jains celebrate Diwali...
No! Its not because of homecoming of God RAM but some other reason!

Well... This day, back in history, Lord Mahawir Swami ji got "Kewal Gyan", ie, the knowledge of all three dimensions - Past, Present & Future. The very next day, his deciple, Lord Gautam Prabhu ji also got "Kewal Gyan".

Hence we Jains, celebrate this day by lighting diyas/candles & pray GOD to shower prosperity & happiness on us.

& yes, BTW, this gives us no reason to harm our Mother Nature by bursting crackers & polluting the environment!

So! Light up the day & be happy!
Happy Diwali to all!

PS: This day, we have khichdi as our dinner! The reason being that all day long we eat all sorts of junk food, & hence the Dinner should make up for the all the protiens lost during the day :-D

Only today's khichdi tastes yum!
rest... yukk! :-D

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