Friday, November 19, 2004

My Posession... My Obsession!

now what?

I have downloaded 191 Applications & 122 Themes for my yet to come "Moku"... hehe!
Have a look at yourself...

[19:09][root:/> 6600]$ pwd
[19:09][root:/> 6600]$ ls | wc -l
[19:09][root:/> 6600]$
[19:09][root:/> 6600]$ cd theme/
[19:09][root:/> theme]$ ls | wc -l
[19:09][root:/> theme]$

If this is not enough... my next step will be to make my Linux Box BLUETOOTH enabled. I will have to shell out atleast 1000 bucks for that (Bluetooth USB dongle + USB 2.0 port).

Once thats done, Sameer can surf from "Moku" while sitting on POT... using my Linux Box as an access point! hehe...

untill that happens...
therez only a POT, no surfing :-D


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