Sunday, November 14, 2004

They still think it as a luxury...

Hi there!

As always, i'm planning a cell phone, against my parents wishes! They still think of it as a luxury, rather than a necessity.

I could do alot with a camera/video cell. You could find more lively pictures/videos here. We also never made a family album of ours. Whatever pics we have are either too ancient (even for me to recognise myself) or non-existant! I even want to do that. BUT still, thats a luxury for them, not a necessity! Can u imagine, no pic of piddi/snoopy!

I'm getting sick of my "plane-jane simple" Nokia 2100. I cant play around with it, cant go Wi-Fi with it, still have to live in that old "Shwet-Shyam" 5 line display, those old ring tones (no mp3/polyphonic stuff)!!!

The moment i'll get that 14-15k mark in my piggy-bank, i'll definately get one good cell!

That is a computer in itself... & still they think it as a luxury...!!!


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