Saturday, November 13, 2004

Nirulas SUCK a Big time!!!


Tonight, I went to Nirulas to have a ligh snack & I must tell you, Nirulas SUCK a big time, atleast the one where we went!!!

The person manning cash counter was a newbie (i wonder how such a big food chain employs such newbies for manning the cash counter). He was taking ages to finalize the orders!

The waiting time was... phew! a loooong time!

& finally, when we got our Burgers, Coke & French fries, they sucked too! Burgers were nothing but a bunch of bread loafs stuffed with potato, none of which were fried well. The french fries, which seemed to be atleast fried properly, were tasteless, without any salt! Not to mention the amount of French Fries... just for name... ha!

Coke was not chilled! & it was minus "fizz"!

I wonder if I will ever go to Nirulas again!

Nirulas SUCKS man!!!

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Sonika said...

hey hey

while reading this post "Nirulas SUCK a big time" , mujhe kuch yaad aaya.

Do u remeber u have to give me treat of Diwali that u promised me at last Diwali when u ppl were going to this Nirula.

So where is my treat???

Or phir kuch log mujhe khete hain ki i dont fullfill my promises.

Lets see when u get to know that i posted a comment here, which i m sure u will never get to know coz Nov ki archives kaun chk karta hoga.

My Treat !!!!!!

Sonika Singhal